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Counties: Fulton County, Cobb County, Gwinnet County, Cherokee County

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How Bad Is Your Pest Problem?

  • I Don't See Any Bugs And I Don't Want To!
  • I See The Occasional Stray Bug
  • I'm Afraid To Look When I Turn On The Lights
  • The Ants Have Found My Pantry!
  • The Bees Or Wasps Think I'm The Pest
  • I Have A Termite, Wildlife, Rodent Or Other Pest Problem

A Home Left Untreated

Becomes The Ideal Nesting Place For Bugs And Wildlife

We Are Experts In Pest Control And Wildlife Removal

How Quickly Can I Be Pest Free?

If you call early enough, we can do the Initial Treatment on the same day you call!


We have a unique 4 step process for removing and maintaining a pest free home.


What Should You Expect When You Call?

You will be speaking with one of our Office Staff. They set our appointments and handle customer support.

We are quick and efficient. We value your time and don't want to take too much of it.

We Are Experts In This Industry

We have experience working for 12 different Pest Control Companies. We have taken the best parts from them and implemented our own expertise to give you the best Pest Control.

We have a unique 4 step process to keep you bug free!


Here Are Just A Few Things That Set Us Apart

1. A Money Back Guarantee

2. The Only Company To Offer A Price Guarantee

3. Our Regular Service Includes Treating For: Fleas, Ticks, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets And Fire Ants

4. Our Regular Service Includes Removing Cobwebs Up To 25 Feet

5. All Of Our Technicians Have Backgrounds In Construction

6. We Give Back To Local Charities

Want To See Some Of Our Recent Work?

We Have Plenty To Show You

Look through these jobs, some of them may be showcasing situations that are very similar to yours. If so, take comfort knowing that we can, and have, created fantastic pest solutions for these cases.

If you don't see your type of situation yet, we've still done it, just not taken pictures.  Call us to see what solutions we have for you.

Here Are 3 Recent Jobs We've Done

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Nobody Says It Better Than Our Customers

Read Some Of Our Recent Reviews Below

Suzanne Ferreira

Roswell, GA

Date: Jan 19, 2017
I have been a customer for 2 years and am completely satisfied with PureDefense. Prompt, courteous, and professional service. We recently noticed small number of ants in a bathroom and the company immediately sent out a technician out for treatment. The technician (Tabitha) answered all the questions I had about the treatment and how to prevent the ants. Excellent - I recommend this company.

Laura Fogarty

Roswell, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
quick, courteous service by Nate!

Murali Tammineni

Roswell, GA

Date: Jan 17, 2017

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Pure Defense Pest Solutions

Roswell, Georgia

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In Fact, We Guarantee The Lowest Price. And More.

We guarantee more than just great service; we guarantee your investment in a pest-free home or business. In fact, our well-trained techs will come back in between regular visits. If, after 2 free call-back services, they have not completely controlled your pest problem, we will refund your last full payment.

Also, if you find another company that covers all the pests that we cover, and carries a 100% Money Back Guarantee, we will match their rate.

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Here Are 5 Reasons To Control Your Pests

  1. They carry disease. Get them out of your home or business!
  2. They damage property.
  3. They can keep you awake at night. Literally, with all their scratching.
  4. Your spouse will love you all the more!
  5. Your home value, both real and intrinsic goes up.pest control roswell ga bored wood from termites and other pests

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Pure Defense Pest Solutions

Roswell, Georgia


By the way, be assured that we are striving to make the best possible experience for you, your family, the community and even the earth. Our way of getting rid of pests isn't toxic but is still very productive. We can't wait to see what we can do for you!


1. What services do you offer?


Initial Service: The initial service is designed to flush out the current pest populations from your home. We use a fully repellent product on the inside whereas the outside will be treated with a non-repellent product so the pests won’t even know it’s there. This causes the critters to move outward.

Back-to-Back Service: About one month after the initial service, after the home has been flushed, there needs to be a protective barrier added to the outside of the home. This creates that protective barrier while also eliminating any remaining pests.

Regular Services: Regular service is provided every other month. This is important since our environment friendly products will naturally break down after 60 to 70 days. We continue to keep a constant protective barrier on your home, keeping bugs in their natural habitat–not in yours.

Re-treats: If, in between regular services, you continue to have pest activity in your home Pure Defense will return and retreat the affected areas free of charge. If after two retreats we have not fixed the problem we will refund your last full payment.


2. What do these services include?


Each service includes:

Inspections: A certified technician will inspect home for any current pest activity and problem areas. This helps as we develop different treating techniques on the home.

Power spray: We will create a liquid barrier on the home. We spray 3 ft. x 3 ft. on the base, we also cover all eves, over hangs and access points. We include areas around home that are natural pest harborage areas.

Granulation: This adds an extra 15 to 20 feet of protection around the home.

Bonus Treatments: In addition to all the above, we are also the only pest control company to include the following with our regular service: Remove Cobwebs up to 25 feet; Treat for Flea's and Ticks; Remove Hornet, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Nests; Fire Ant Treatment.

3. Who owns the company?


We are a family-owned business dedicated to changing the world of pest control. See more on our "About Us" page. Not all pest control companies are the same, we differentiate ourselves by keeping Nature In It's Place™ while using eco-friendly products and practices. We also give back to our community.

4. Do you treat for mosquitos, too?


Yes. We have an entire plan specifically targeting these disease-carrying insects. In these visits, we flush out mosquitoes from your yard with a product that keeps them from sticking to the bottom of leaves—their favorite hiding places. It continues to shield long after we leave, too.

5. What about termites?


Yes! We get rid of termites, too.  We use a new Liquid Termite Treatment that we inject into the earth 4 feet deep all the way around the house giving it a protective barrier. This is proven to be more effective than the bait stations.

6. Can you pre-treat for termites before a house is built?


Yes! One of our services is to pre-treat the earth for termites before the concrete slab is poured.